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Spareparts Deuce Male Harness

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The Deuce™ is a unique harness which has been designed to prolong pleasure in foreplay and as a brilliant alternative to continue love making sessions in between erections. Hand crafted and ethically manufactured. The Deuce™ is the very first harness that is especially designed for men's bodies.

Special Features:

  •     Male harness
  •     O-ring
  •     Internal cock ring
  •     Dual penetration
  •     Locking mechanism
  •     Nylon Spandex material
  •     Waterproof
  •     Wicking elements


The Deuce™ has an elastic and stretchy O-ring holds a variety of dildos, so each and every experience can be a new and exciting one. There is also a second hole just below the O-ring that is lined with soft stretchable elastic which acts as a soft cock ring and is designed to accommodate the natural girth of the wearer. The versatility of the Deuce™ means it can be used with only the dildo or with the penis and a toy simultaneously for dual penetration and double the fun. Option of placing a mini vibe in the flaps of first opening for vibrating pleasure.

The Deuce is sturdy and durable. The adjustable straps ensure it fits the wearer securely and remains snug and in place, providing complete control and comfort whatever the position. The pouch comfortable cups the testicles (and penis if so wished), without resulting in bunching, chaffing, pinching or binding. Belt secured with Velcro and has second elastic pull feature that locks your product in place.Locking mechanisms on the leg strap lets you move sliders into place, then the locking teeth hold the straps and harness securely.

The O and C-ring openings have two small flaps so the wearer can opt to have the dildo base against the skin or covered, have penis in or outside pouch or wear as normal jock strap underwear.

The belt is secured with Velcro and has a second elastic pull feature for locking your product of choice into place. The locking mechanisms on the leg strap allow the wearer to move the sliders into place, whilst the locking teeth of the top slider holds the straps and harness in place so the harness is secure the entire time it is worn.

No need to remove the Deuce™ to insert penis or a dildo through the O-ring; simply release the belt strap and pull pouch forward, or for smaller girth dildos (less than 1 1/2inch diameter) simply thread the base through the front of the O-ring.

The Deuce is a fantastic choice of harness for men who have erectile dysfunction.

Made from soft Nylon Spandex, so is ideal for water play. The deuce has unique wicking elements that pull moisture away from the body.

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