Sliquid Silver Personal Silicone Lubricant (125ml and 255ml) on Top Drawer Essentials

Sliquid Silver Personal Silicone Lubricant (125ml and 255ml)

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Silver Personal Lubricant is an ultra-concentrated silicone based personal lubricant, and is Sliquid's Premium formulation. Super long lasting and waterproof, Silver lube is the perfect choice for those who need a lubricant to last. Silver lubricant is made from medical grade silicones.

Special Features:

  •     Silicone lube
  •     Waterproof
  •     Long lasting
  •     Glycerin free
  •     Paraben free
  •     Vegan friendly
  •     Suitable with condoms
  •     Suitable with sex toys
  •     No flavour or scent
  •     Non-staining
  •     Water soluble



Sliquid Silver will last a long time, and is easy to clean up with soap and water.

All Sliquid products are formulated by sensitive women, for sensible women. Vegan friendly, and scent free, waterproof and non-toxic.

Latex and rubber friendly.

Vibrator/Dildo Compatibility : Sliquid Silver Personal Lubricant is compatible with all vibrators and dildos, except for silicone vibrators/dildos.


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