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Fusion Bodyglide Personal Silicone Lubricant Pocket Size

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Fusion Bodyglide Personal Lubricant is a super concentrated pharmaceutical grade silicone lubricant, designed for those with an insatiable drive, just a few drops and you are ready to go. Bodyglide lube is all silicone, with no additives. Bodyglide lube is a unique blend of technology and sensuality. Fusion Body Glide lubricant is in a great single handed grip bottle with a pump.

Special Features:

  • Hi-grade silicone lube
  • Few drops goes long way
  • No additives
  • Not sticky
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent for massages


FUSION Bodyglide lubricant is designed for easier clean-up, less staining and most important longer-lasting and slicker than any other Silicone Lubricant available today. Unlike water-based lubricants, one application of Fusion Bodyglide lube will last much longer and will never get sticky or gooey. Eventually, Bodyglide is just absorbed into the skin and leaves a smooth, silky feeling. The long-lasting nature of silicone allows you to stop less to add more lube. Fusion Body Glide lubricant is excellent for body massages.

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