The Top Drawer Essentials story

All brands have a back story, their 'why' ... here's ours.

It all started with a purchase of course.  We (a couple) wanted a little something to spice things up and also to 'gap fill' because we couldn't be all things at all times for each other.  That started some discussions about how normal this kind of shopping is ... but that wasn't how we felt when we were shopping.   We also noticed how masturbation aids were being positioned as only for those not in relationships.

So we set about looking at things a little differently, primarily to normalise the purchase of adult products.  We figured pretty well all consenting adults were doing this kind of shopping (something that we've since confirmed), so why not treat it as normal.  

We wanted everyone to be able to look at shopping for adult products just like anything else.  Whether because you 'need' it or 'want' it, you should be able to buy with confidence and be comfortable in your purchase.

To achieve this, we figured that many people needed a different perspective in how they see adult products.  To be clear, these products are available because there's merit in them, and sex aids have been in existence for thousands of years because they serve a human need.  Shopping for adult products doesn't mean you're a pervert or insatiable or your partner is inadequate, only that you recognise a 'need' or 'want' for yourself (or for your partner), and that you're prepared to do something about it.  We're in a modern, consumer age, so why not  embrace and enjoy these products just like anything else?  Yes, biology says that you don't need a sex or masturbation aid, but technological advancements make them available in much the same way that you don't need a car because you can walk just fine (and you don't need to feel like a lesser mortal for buying a car, do you?).

A special call out to the guys who were front and centre of mind, too.  We marvelled at how readily women seemed prepared to accept vibrators as a near necessity for their top drawer, but how men were largely either oblivious or reluctant to have a little something for their 'me' time.  Beyond being a pity and their loss, we figured we needed to do our bit to spread the good word about masturbators for men.

We also want to get people talking about masturbation as one of life's little inevitabilities, because it is.  Sure, our masturbation frequency might have peaked in our teens, but it's liable to be a part of our lives until we die, regardless of our relationship status.  We've all masturbated for fun, stress relief, out of boredom, because of loneliness, because your partner was elsewhere when the mood struck, because it's there and probably hundreds of other reasons ... so why not talk about it?  That's why our blog 'Essentials from the Top Drawer' so shamelessly features masturbation.

So there you have it.  We're Top Drawer Essentials.

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