Adult Toys 101


Whether you're new to shopping for adult toys or it's been a little while, make no mistake that nowhere is technical innovation more evident, so here's a little primer to get you up to speed. 

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Dildos are penis shaped objects intended for vaginal or anal insertion, for stimulation and/or masturbation.  They have been used for thousands of years, and in that time the materials for their construction have changed considerably, from wood and bone in ancient times to modern incarnations based on silicone, rubber and plastic.   

Eggs / Balls.

Eggs and balls have been used for centuries for pleasure and pelvic floor exercise.  They are small and with a shape which begs vaginal or anal insertion and then retrieval.


Vibrators have come a long way from their steam driven origins in Victorian era invention to address the problem of hysteria in women.  Initially not phallic in shape, they gradually evolved to add power to the dildo.  That evolution has seen them available in lots of shapes and materials and essentially exploit the latest of technical innovation.  Incidentally, the term 'vibrator' can be a little misleading as many of these toys also gyrate, writhe, pulse and/or suck, and 'rumble'  more appropriately describes their vibration.

Classic Vibrators.

These are the traditional vibrator shape which many know and love, and they are the quintessential 'classic' because they work.  Whether they are deliberately modelled on a phallic, penis-like, shape is not important, but the fact remains that their shape is as it is because it is effective in stimulating the female genitals.  While they are designed for insertion, they can, of course, be used externally to stimulate the clitoris.  

G-Spot Vibrators.

These are variations on the classic shape to add a curved end to better target the G-spot.

Rabbit Vibrators.

These build on the classic shape to add an extra appendage to allow simultaneous stimulation of both the vagina (and ideally G-spot) and the clitoris.  They might look a little different, but they are lovely to behold.

Clitoral Vibrators.

Clitoral vibrators are a little different in that they are specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris.  As such, some don't even vibrate, instead using a sucking or pressure action to target the clitoris.  As they are not designed for insertion, their shape too can be completely different favouring hand-held ergonomics instead of something for vaginal insertion.

Egg Vibrators.

Just like Egg/balls but with vibration functions added, they offer everything that's great about the traditional shape but with an added buzz.

Bullet Vibrators.

Bullets are scaled down versions of the classic vibrator.  Typically being smaller in both length and girth, their claim to fame is their portability. They can be taken anywhere for anytime use in your bag or handbag, but don't be confused into thinking that their being small means they don't pack a punch.  Their small size also means that many toys are also designed to be enhanced by a bullet being inserted into them.

Wand Vibrators.

The miniaturisation which saw the evolution of smaller vibrators is all good and well, but the reality is that a larger unit allows for more power.  Wands, otherwise known as massagers, are bigger than typical classic vibrators and are shaped less for insertion than external stimulation or massage.  Some can still be used for insertion, at a stretch, but their primary appeal is their power and thus their ability to service not only your erogenous zones, but also general muscular aches and pains.


Cockrings (cock-rings) are rings worn around the penis, typically at the base, to restrict the flow of blood from the erect penis in order to produce a stronger erection or to maintain an erection for a longer period of time. They are often made of metal or a stretchable material and beyond mere function, they can also be used for decoration.  Some have built-in vibration function to also stimulate the wearer and his partner.

Butt Plugs (or simply 'plugs').

Butt plugs are devices intended to be inserted into the anus for stimulation and possibly maintained there for a time.  They are particularly used by men for prostate stimulation, but also for decorative purposes, particularly with the addition of jewels or their evolution to serve as a 'tail'.  Of course, there are some with added vibration functions


Beads are a string or flexible shaft with beads/bulbs of varying sizes and shapes along its length.  They are quintessentially for anal stimulation: insert them slowly and then pull them out even slower.


In general terms, masturbators are devices designed for male masturbation and include 'fleshlights' and masturbation (or 'jack') sleeves.  They range from simple hollow tubes into which the penis can be inserted and moved for stimulation, to upmarket models featuring vibration, pressure, suction and/or warmth, and in the shape of partial body torsos (male or female).  Most resemble a vagina, mouth or anus at one end and are designed to be handheld.


There's a lot of different types of toys out there.  They might not all appeal, but there's sure to be something that will light your fire ... or the fire of your partner.

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