Adult Toy Power Options 101


As you browse Top Drawer Essentials, you're sure to see a variety of power options, so here's a little primer to get you up to speed.

Adult Toy Power Options 101 


Adult Toy Power Options 101

Yes, the first vibrators were steam-powered, as was appropriate in the 1800's.  Alas, steam power is no longer a plausible option and this is absolutely not a problem.  

Disposable Battery

Adult Toy Power Options 101

The beautiful thing about battery powered products is their go-anywhere portability.  Provided you've got spares available, you only need a brief intermission to replace the batteries and keep going.

Gone of the days when you would be forever swapping in and out replacement batteries for your devices.  For adult products like vibrators, batteries would invariably fail at inopportune times and the mood would be disrupted by floundering in the dark trying to find new ones. 

Modern batteries, particularly the alkaline ones, last well and are capable of delivering the necessary power to support the latest products.  Even the little ones to fit in smaller products (like bullet vibrators) have great staying power, so don't be worried that small = useless.  Of course, they will run out eventually, so it's always a good idea to have spares available.

The cost of the batteries (to both your wallet/purse and the planet) over the life of the product should be considered.  Products requiring disposable batteries might be cheaper than other options, but just remember that you're going to need an on-going supply of batteries to keep it going.


Adult Toy Power Options 101

Just as disposable batteries are getting better and better, so too are the rechargeable batteries.  Many are now charged by USB, just like your phone.

These products can be a little more expensive, but remember that you can dispense with the need to be forever buying replacement batteries. 


 Adult Toy Power Options 101

As good as batteries are, some devices simply demand power which can only be satisfied by being able to be plugged into your power-point.  Provided you have access to main power there will be no stopping you.

Think about just how powerful these devices must be ...


For now at least, the idea of a solar-powered sex toy is little more than a pipe dream.


You have options when it comes how your toys get their power.  The bottom line is that you need to consider your circumstances to decide which is the best fit for you.

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