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About Us

We're all for safe sex, solo sex, fun sex and better sex, and we want to bring the best products to you to make that safe, fun, better sex happen .. whether it's with someone else, or just yourself.

We've got a great selection of quality products and want to get them into your Top Drawer as quickly and as discretely as possible, no matter where you are in Australia.

What we're about.

  • We're for adults who understand that we, as humans, are largely sexual beings... and that this is a good thing.
  • We think that whether you're in a relationship or not, your sex life, or that of your partner, could be improved.
  • Masturbation is a part of life, there's no point denying it, so why not embrace it.
  • Toys for adults are a part of life.
  • We think that improving your sex life could be as simple as a little shopping.
  • There shouldn't be anything scary or intimidating about shopping for adult products.
  • We want to make shopping for adult products simple.
  • Your sexuality is exactly that ... your sexuality.   

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Customer Service:

Got questions? Please contact our customer service team if you have any queries or concerns, or if there's anything we can do to help in your purchase. That's what we're here for!

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You can always email us: concierge@TopDrawerEssentials.com.au


We ship all of our orders throughout Australia using Australia Post, and you will be provided with an Australia Post tracking number with your order which you can use to track your order.

Order Tracking

You can track your delivery using the 'Arrive' app, which gives you accurate and timely updates on everything you order.

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You can also use the Australia Post 'MyPost' (App or website) to assist with your tracking.

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