It's all about biology...

Every now and then Top Drawer Essentials receives questions regarding our lack of a "gay only", "straight only", "Christian only" or similar selection/filter of products, and our response is always the same.  Whether our staff are gay or straight, or what their religion may be is irrelevant... What is important is that biologically, we don't think it matters. 

At the risk of inciting the angst of everyone, it's probably appropriate that we explain.  We don't mean/want to offend anyone, but the way that we look at our selection of products, what's important is that we target female or male biology and what you choose to do with it thereafter is entirely up to you.

It's all about biology

We most definitely understand that your orientation changes the way you look at sex, but regardless of whether you're attracted to those of the same or opposite gender, your "bits" are the same.  In simple terms, men have a penis and a prostate, women have a vagina and a clitoris, and no matter your interest in those of the opposite or same gender, your bits can (and should) be targeted in much the same way as others of your basic biological composition.

Yes, we understand that your orientation can transcend your perspective as to which products might appeal, but we trust that you'll see the merit in those product's ability to service your biology rather than your psychology.  To cite an example, gay women might not want to pursue phallic-shaped vibrators on principle, but the fact is that shape is popular because it is functional, not because of any deep-seated cultural expectation that they should be that shape. It's probably appropriate to mention that Top Drawer Essentials has products in a variety of shapes to appeal to all tastes.

Yes, we understand that you might associate some products with a different orientation or persuasion, and for that reason, you might not want to go "there", but our perspective is that going "there" doesn't have any relation to or impact on your persuasion.  The obvious case in point here relates to our range of products designed for prostate stimulation.  Gay men may be well versed in their appeal, but many men, particularly straight men, might be reluctant to even consider them.  Gentlemen, your prostate is likely to be a source of joy regardless of whether you are attracted to men and it's up to you to embrace it.  Embracing it is not a reflection of your innermost desire or orientation, and it's certainly not going to turn you, but it could well take your sexual enjoyment to the next level. 

Yes, we understand that your religious beliefs might predicate a bias in what products are acceptable to you and/or your god, but our belief is that our products aren't faith-specific.  Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jew, Jedi, even atheists for that matter, are all biologically the same and thus the products to satisfy that biology are the same.  We should highlight that none of our products are likely to turn you to your god(s) or away from him(them/her), or the dark side.  That said, is it too cliched to mention that "God!" is often said in the midst of the use of many of our products?

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And of course, Top Drawer Essentials can offer suggestions if you like. After all, we are all about safe sex, solo sex, fun sex and better sex.

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