How about some respect for the hand!

This being International Masturbation Day, let's take the opportunity to reminisce about the glorious role that masturbation has played in all our lives, and make no mistake, it has played a role in all our lives, and in the lives of all our ancestors too.  It's the 'M' word that you've undoubtedly been intimately familiar with since puberty, and since then it's sure to have been a regular part of your life, and/or routine. 

Hands up those who masturbate

It was through masturbation that you started to learn of your sexuality and what you liked, and your limits.  It was through masturbation that you got to understand the mechanics of sex beyond what you learnt at school or from friends or through porn, and it might have even offered you your first incentive to find porn. Relationships and partners might have come and gone, but that personal appeal of masturbation remains, intermittently, infrequently or regularly.  As you read this, I sincerely hope you're sparing a thought for all those special intimate moments throughout your life that were too good to share with someone else.

So isn't it funny that we don't talk about it much in Australian society? Sure, your good friend might share a story of their recent effort to "rub one out", or you might suggest a colleague needs to, but the fact is that we don't share our solo amusement efforts without being careful of our audience. If your Mum rings mid stroke you're unlikely to tell them what you're doing, let's be honest, even though everyone probably has a tale to tell of a parent catching them in the act. It remains one of those things that everyone does, everyone knows others do it, but it's secreted away to be done in privacy.

I'm not suggesting we all start masturbating in public (don't forget there are laws against it), but I do think it's time we started to be honest with ourselves and each other about masturbation, and really embrace it and give it the attention and respect it deserves.

Each to their own obviously, but on this not very auspicious of days I hope you look back on the love affair we've all had with our hands at various stages of our lives.  All those secreted moments, and the consternation when you came to the inevitable realisation that if masturbation with your hand is good then a toy designed for that very purpose would be even better.

I'm a realist. I'm not expecting sports stars, politicians or celebrities to suddenly start endorsing masturbation sleeves and vibrators on International Masturbation Day.  For now though, I'm comfortable that those same celebrities do indeed masturbate, just like the rest of us, and I can only hope that they recognise that their hand is great.. but not the best.

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