Condoms ... what's the problem?

According to a recent University of New South Wales report, Young people in Australia aren't using condoms. As an Australian retailer of adult products and advocate for sexual health, I find this fascinating, particularly when the same report indicates increasing rates of sexually transmissible infections (STI's). 

Condoms ... what's the problem?

Far be it for me to suggest the rise in STI's is directly attributable to declining condom use.  I know it seems obvious, but then again so is the evidence for climate change but we still have world leaders disputing science, so who am I to incite the wrath of science deniers.  

That said, I would like to ask why condom use in Australia might be in decline because it does seem counterintuitive.  After all, condoms have been in use, for good reason, for a long time and all the reasons why we started using them in the first place remain the same. 

Make no mistake, condoms in one form or another have been used for centuries, if not significantly longer, but some records on the matter are a little sparse.   What is certain is that a long time ago, someone, more than likely a woman, theorised that if fluid exchange during sex could result in pregnancy, then perhaps something preventing that exchange might prevent the pregnancy.  In much the same way, it wouldn't have taken that much genius to draw some association between the skin now covered in sores with skin contact with another, so perhaps preventing that skin on skin contact might prevent sexually transmitted infections.  And sure, advocating for the use of such devices might have variously been at odds with state and/or religions or been considered outright heresy at times, but there are records indicating that their use might also have been mandated by some religious orders.

Fast forward to now, we still have a desire for sex and we still need contraception and something to help prevent STI's and not surprisingly, condoms are still in use because they work.  They are now thinner, fit better, are more reliable as a form of contraception, and provide a proven physical barrier to STI's ... so how is it that we are aren't using them?

Men used condoms when they were made of linen, oiled silk, animal intestines, bladders, horns, and leather... so what issue could we possibly have with condoms made of medical grade materials a fraction of the width of a human hair?  Men used condoms when they were relatively expensive, made to be washed and re-used ... so how could we possibly have a problem with modern, industrial produced disposable condoms?  Men embraced condoms when they only might have offered a reduced chance of infection of such perils as syphilis ... so how can we not trust condoms nowadays when they are proven to protect against a mass of infections from old favourites like syphilis and gonorrhea to HIV and chlamydia? 

And if you're thinking in favour of rolling the dice and putting your trust in some cure after you get infected, instead of preventing the infection, spare a thought for the emergence of superbug STI's resistant to antibiotics and don't forget there is still no magical vaccine to prevent STI's.  Surely prevention is better than cure, and condoms are a lot better than abstinence.

Yes, historically condoms might have reduced sensation and interfered with sexual intimacy ... but not any more.  Yes, you might have been able to dispute their effectiveness ... but no longer.  Gentlemen, historically you may well have had plausible reasons for not wanting to use condoms, but those days are well and truly in the past. 

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