Wrapped in bacon

I know... your fingers or hands are fine.  They've worked wonders until now, from those clumsy first moments of self-discovery to the times when you made it part of your routine, because you felt like it or because you felt you needed to.  Guiding or using someone else's hands was just as much fun.  Then Top Drawer Essentials plants that seed of doubt in your mind that perhaps your hand isn't perfect. 

Don't get me wrong, we are in favour of masturbation.  Any masturbation is good masturbation, but better masturbation is... better masturbation.  That's why we are in favour of toys and tools to help you on your way.

Bacon makes everything better

To illustrate my point, I feel this overwhelming need to talk about bacon and the principle that bacon makes everything better. Why?  Because it does.  It just does.  Bacon on a burger, bacon in your Caesar salad, oysters Kilpatrick, bacon flavoured ice cream... bacon makes a good thing better.  And the same is so with masturbation aids.  Not that anyone's going to advocate for delicious bacon being flaunted near your genitals, but the point is that some things will make a good thing better.  Apologies to my Vegan or vegetarian masturbating friends out there... replace bacon with veggie salt and you'll see my point too.

Case in point ... vibrators.  Discrete and powerful, they can find and titillate all your special places, ladies.  You're not going to rub yourself raw or give yourself a repetitive strain injury, you just need to turn it on, sit back and enjoy.  Designed to reach all those special spots, including the ones you didn't know existed and the ones you just can't get to with your fingers (or your partner).  Prefer to give yourself a little extra attention while in the bath or shower?  Many vibrators are waterproof because we know where you're likely to feel so inclined.  Don't like penetration in your solo time?  Some vibrators are designed purely for external use, such as to give your clitoris all the attention it deserves but isn't going to get with just your fingers (like these 'Clitoral Vibrators').  If you like penetration and some clitoral attention you might like these Rabbit Vibrators. Like I said.  Bacon... it makes a good thing better.

You can see more of our GVibe range of toys here.

And guys, you need to consider the bacon principle with it comes to your self-love time too.  To be clear, male masturbators are nothing like wrapping your penis in bacon, but they are very much like having something to slide on into.  Better than your hand, they are tight and perfectly designed for purpose.  Extra bacon comes with visually appealing love dolls and if you're too busy, perhaps you could leave it all to a machine. I sincerely hope you're thinking of bacon right now.

Guys, you can see more about these Spider Masturbation aids here.

Regardless of your relationship status, there's always a place for masturbation.  A lettuce and tomato sandwich is pretty good, but adding bacon will make it so much better.  Once you've had a BLT, could you ever go back to a humble lettuce and tomato sandwich?  Absolutely no way.

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Of course, Top Drawer Essentials has a great range of toys and masturbation aids to suit men and women.  Sure, your hand might have got you this far but you owe it to yourself to enjoy our masturbators for men of all kinds (including hands free options, love dolls and machines) and vibrators for the ladies (battery, rechargeable and mains powered).  Actually, we've got Bullet Vibrators, Rabbit Vibrators, Clitoral Vibrators, Wand Vibrators, Egg Vibrators, Classic Vibrators and G-Spot Vibrators.  We only stock quality products and of course we ship throughout Australia. While you're here, you can also stock up your top drawer with condoms, dams, lubricants, dildos, plugs, cockrings, balls and eggs, and more. We've even got a referral program so you can help your friends find that essential for their top drawer.

And yes, Top Drawer Essentials can offer suggestions if you like. After all, we are all about safe sex, solo sex, fun sex and better sex.

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