Why are you doing this?

Since Top Drawer Essentials came on-line, we've been accused of many things as we look to establish our place in this niche of the retail industry.  Friends and family have also raised eyebrows at us, so apparently, we're fair game for anyone looking to chest-poke the relative newcomers on the block.

So let's front some of the questions and comments that we've been met with...

Q: Why are you selling 'that'?  A: Because...

Of course, we have a story as to why that you can read here 'The Top Drawer Essentials Story'

Q: No really, why are you selling 'that'?  A: Why not? 

A guy I know used to sell footwear, men's shoes in particular, and I bet he was never publicly or privately challenged for his particular choice of retail niche.  Men's shoes aren't particularly 'sexy', but most people looked at them as being necessary and thus his products were sure to sell if he got the right balance of demand and price etc.  Well, our belief is that 'adult goods' are no less necessary and no less desirable.

Q: Aren't you embarrassed to be selling 'that'? A: Not at all ... far from it actually. 

Given the option of selling something boring or something interesting, what would you rather sell?  We're not prudish and we really understand how integral our sexuality is for many/most people, so why not retail goods to address gaps in people's sexual fulfilment?  Incidentally, Top Drawer Essentials product testing and is way more enjoyable than testing a new stapler, shoe or shampoo.

Q: What about the stigma?  A: What stigma?

We've come a long way from the Victorian era when vibrators were invented, and just because some in our society are in denial doesn't mean that there's still a stigma associated with the sale (and purchase) of adult goods.  The old cliche of the overcoat wearing old man couldn't be further from reality when it comes to describing our 'typical' customer.  Judging by the fact that we're way more likely to sell to men and women, couples in relationships or singles not wanting to let some single time interfere with their solo-time, I think it's fair to say that we left that stigma behind in the 1950s.

Q: What makes you qualified to sell 'that'?  A: We're adults and we employ other adults.  What other qualifications are really required?

As an adult, I understand my own body, what works and what doesn't, and I've been extensively 'researching' since my teens and the same is true for all our team.  Since puberty at various times I've been in sexual relationships and also not in any relationship, so I think I'm very well qualified to sell products for sexual enhancement, be that solo sex or sex with a partner.  Our team has a similar range of life experiences, so we think we have the goods.

Q: What about the gay/straight stuff?  A: What about it?

I'm realistic and honest enough to recognise that what lights my fire is unlikely to match others of my gender and orientation, so why should I care whether I market to my orientation or not?

Q: What if your kids found out?  A: Whether they do, or don't, is largely irrelevant. 

To us, what's important is that our kids understand sexuality, particularly their own sexuality and we trust that they'll come to see that adult toys are part of one's sexuality.  Beyond that, we trust they'll come to understand that we are operating well and truly within the bounds of Australian law, and completely at the mercy of supply and demand just like every other store regardless of what they're selling. 

Comment: That stuff is against my faith.  Response: I sincerely doubt that.

While admittedly religious texts are not my preferred domain, adult products don't undermine the role of any deity or offer alternate gods, they don't advocate harm or disrespect to anyone, and their use doesn't constitute a challenge to the preferred or natural order of things.  So what's the problem?

Comment: That stuff is not for me.   Response: Good for you. 

It's nice to be in a modern society where intelligent people can choose to shop for products for their sexual enhancement, or not, and that society won't judge for whatever your choice.  Isn't it great to be Australian!

Regardless of whether you're being honest with yourself, your sexuality is your sexuality.  If you don't think you want or need assistance in the sexual fulfilment department, that's great.

That said, you might like to consider if your opinion is 100% shared by your partner.  If there's no way that you or your partner could possibly be more fulfilled then maybe Top Drawer Essentials doesn't have anything for you, but I doubt it.  Reality Experience tells us that you're probably not amongst Fred Nile's misguided circle, and the rest of us have more to offer and/or more to gain.

Want 10% off your next order at Top Drawer Essentials? Just use discount code WhyThe10 at checkout.

Yes, Top Drawer Essentials is a proud retailer of adult products.  We have a great range of dildos, vibrators (battery, rechargeable and mains powered), masturbators for men, plugs, cockrings, balls and eggs, lubricants, condoms and dams and more. We only stock quality products and of course we ship throughout Australia.  We've even got a referral program!

And of course, Top Drawer Essentials can offer suggestions if you like. After all, we are all about safe sex, solo sex, fun sex and better sex.

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You can always email us questions: questions@TopDrawerEssentials.com.au

Image credit:Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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