We are not animals ...

Some time ago, a good friend of mine offered an absolute pearl of wisdom which has stayed with me.

There's nothing as over-rated as bad sex, and under-rated as a good pull.

We are not animals

He was talking about masturbation of course.  All adults, men and women, have done it, and still do it. Most adults still do it regularly, no matter what their relationship status, and it's one of those things which is universal and spans geographic, cultural and racial divides.  Beyond feeling good (because it helps release those lovely feel-good chemicals, endorphins), masturbation can help us relax, and there's no chance of STI's or pregnancy. It's even fun to share with others and mutual masturbation is one of those cornerstones of intimacy in a relationship.

And we're not the only ones.  We know many species of mammals, other than humans, do it, and it's probably a pretty fair bet that they get as much out of it as we do. 

So are we any different to monkeys?  Well, we humans have at least focussed our higher intellect to rise above lesser species to develop tools for all the important things, including masturbation.  If ever you were to ponder how important self-gratification really is, don't lose sight of the fact that vibrators and other masturbation aids were invented long before we moved on from horseback to cars and automobiles.

Even though we can masturbate with just our hand, perhaps it's time we all started to embrace the distinctly human trait for exploiting technology and not just use what monkeys use. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time to find a tool to enjoy yourself, thereby proving your humanity.

You could use whatever is available with varying degrees of success, but before you start microwaving an apple pie or perusing the kitchen utensil drawer, why not just look to leverage the toys that have been lovingly designed for this purpose by advanced thinkers of our species.

Many women, but probably not all, may well have at some time at least tried a dildo or vibrator of some description. There are many, many different sizes and shapes available, each with their merits. How good are they? Just ask a woman who's tried one if they'd prefer to go back to using their humble hand for masturbation. Of course, the really beautiful thing about these masturbation aids is that they may also have a role to play in sex ... with a partner.

Guys, however, are way behind women in their uptake of masturbation aids, and it begs the question of why. There are lots of devices and sleeves to warm, suck, stimulate, vibrate, stroke and otherwise titillate men, so you have to wonder why most guy's top drawers don't have at least one. It just doesn't make sense why men wouldn't want to use something to help their self-pleasuring efforts, especially when most women recognise and appreciate the benefit of such assistance.

So with this in mind, Ladies and Gents, if tool use is the measure of our humanity, are men or women really further ahead of our primate ancestors?  Well worth a thought.

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