Essentials from the Top Drawer

  • Alan is one of my heroes.

    Alan MacMasters is widely accredited with the invention of the electric toaster in 1893, and he's one of my heroes.  Admittedly, I do like toast, but his invention represents so much more. 

    I like innovation, and I like how it's applied to everyday things, and adult toys are no exception.  If anything, adult toys are amongst the best examples of the application of innovation.

  • We are not animals ...

    Humans masturbate, and we're not the only ones.  So before you start getting all uppity about how much better than monkeys we are, maybe you need to take a good look at how you pleasure yourself.


  • It's time.

    Sooner or later, you're going to buy a toy for your sexual enjoyment, and whether it's a first time purchase or a replacement, you need to understand your many options. What are the options? What do you look for?  Where to begin...


  • The Essentials for your Top Drawer...

    Yes, Top Drawer Essentials is a store specifically geared to provide the essentials for your top drawer, but after a few questions, it's probably appropriate that we explain what we think those essentials actually are.