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  • Why not masturbate?

    I was in a supermarket the other day when I witnessed a pre-school age child delve into their underpants for a bit of a play.  Mum was underwhelmed and immediately told the kid to stop, to which the kid asked 'why?'.  I was with the kid ... I wanted to hear Mum's explanation too, but I only got the quintessentially parental 'because!'.  It's no wonder we grow up thinking masturbation is a bad thing.
  • The Variety Store

    We got a question the other day about why we don't advertise on Facebook. The fact is that Pope Zuckerberg the 9th and his minions are of the perverse impression that our products contravene the Facebook advertising policies as clearly defined in the 16th century.  Apparently there's a belief that our products are sexual in nature, which couldn't be further from the truth.  Take a fresh look at what's in store at Top Drawer Essentials and be the judge for yourself.  We're really just a variety store!
  • Enough with the flowers and chocolates!

    The dust has now settled on Valentine's day, that beautiful day to celebrate romance and love... and it was more than likely amongst the most stressful times of the year.  For those who embraced it (and let's be honest that many shunned it as a poorly veiled push for consumerism), it's one of the 365 days in the year where you were liable to be scrutinised in your relationship.  If you didn't buy into Valentine's day, the reality is that you were still going to be scrutinised... particularly if your partner wasn't really totally on board with the idea of ignoring it as just another day.
  • Why are you doing this?

    Since Top Drawer Essentials came on-line, we've been accused of many things as we look to establish our place in this niche of the retail industry.  Friends and family have raised eyebrows at us, so apparently, we're fair game for anyone looking to chest-poke the relative newcomers on the block.

    So let's front some questions and comments that we've been met with...

  • Everyone needs a friend like Kevin

    I walked in late to a conversation the other night at a social gathering.  Men and women just talking and then I started to hear all the virtues of a friend named 'Kevin', who I'd never met but another friend had.  The guy sounded like superman: powerful, resilient, capable, and soon enough all the men all wanted to meet (or kneecap) this Kevin, while the women all coo-ed in admiration.  It took me a while to appreciate they were talking about a vibrator, affectionately known as 'Kevin'.
  • Alan is one of my heroes.

    Alan MacMasters is widely accredited with the invention of the electric toaster in 1893, and he's one of my heroes.  Admittedly, I do like toast, but his invention represents so much more. 

    I like innovation, and I like how it's applied to everyday things, and adult toys are no exception.  If anything, adult toys are amongst the best examples of the application of innovation.

  • We are not animals ...

    Humans masturbate, and we're not the only ones.  So before you start getting all uppity about how much better than monkeys we are, maybe you need to take a good look at how you pleasure yourself.


  • It's time.

    Sooner or later, you're going to buy a toy for your sexual enjoyment, and whether it's a first time purchase or a replacement, you need to understand your many options. What are the options? What do you look for?  Where to begin...


  • The Essentials for your Top Drawer...

    Yes, Top Drawer Essentials is a store specifically geared to provide the essentials for your top drawer, but after a few questions, it's probably appropriate that we explain what we think those essentials actually are.