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  • What would Jesus do?

    Our Top Drawer Essentials (e)mailbag offers an endless stream of interesting questions and recently we were asked if there's a church discount.  Churches don't pay taxes in Australia, so I initially thought the request was a little rich, but then I thought 'what would Jesus do?'. 
  • Creation appreciation

    We don't get a lot of hate-mail, but we do sometimes get interesting suggestions from religious zealots of a variety of faiths.  It's OK ... we're not liable to be on the receiving end of a fatwa, but our pro-masturbation stance is not 100% popular with all religions.  Of course, some religions get it, but not all. Many religions are instead content to deride masturbation as evil or contrary to some ancient teachings. It's inspired me to put a fresh slant on masturbation with an emphasis on appreciation and I hope that the church will follow suit.