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  • Women get it, guys can too!

    There's so much acceptance of toys and tools for sexual fulfillment nowadays that, statistically speaking, your top drawer probably has one or two just like everyone else. However, when people think of 'sex-aids' or 'adult toys' (or whatever else you want to call them), most people think of vibrators or perhaps dildos ... which most people will think as being for the ladies. I think any mindset that toys are primarily for women doesn't help men at all, and it's time guys got with the program.
  • Enough with the flowers and chocolates!

    The dust has now settled on Valentine's day, that beautiful day to celebrate romance and love... and it was more than likely amongst the most stressful times of the year.  For those who embraced it (and let's be honest that many shunned it as a poorly veiled push for consumerism), it's one of the 365 days in the year where you were liable to be scrutinised in your relationship.  If you didn't buy into Valentine's day, the reality is that you were still going to be scrutinised... particularly if your partner wasn't really totally on board with the idea of ignoring it as just another day.