It's time.

Whether you're curious, wanting, not (100%?) satisfied or whatever, you've finally decided it's time to get a 'toy' of some description... but now you don't know where to start. Right?

Its time.

Breathe. This is not a big deal. Buying your first toy, or a replacement, is not like deciding to have children or a car or a puppy. Adult products, toys, sexual enhancement devices or whatever you want to call them are just another thing that people buy, and everybody buys them. You're no different to the significant proportion of the Australian population who admit to buying a 'toy' of some description, or the rest of the adult population who probably do but won't admit it to others (or themselves probably).

So where do you start? Tough question, sure. There are a lot of options for your fulfilment, and your quest can easily turn confusing without going in with perhaps a few sage words.

Most importantly, recognise that you are unique, you need to be honest with yourself. This is all about you, so there's no need to worry what others think, or if what really appeals to you is a little different. Note too that what you know of yourself and your needs will change or evolve. What has worked for you in the past might not be the best for you now. And let's not forget that this is an opportunity to challenge yourself and try something a little different. By the way, if you've got a friend who's confided in you about their recent/latest purchase, that doesn't mean it's going to be an excellent fit for you.

Budget is important, but not everything. You need to recognise that the most expensive item on offer might not suit you, so just shopping by price is unlikely to help narrow your choices. That said, the wisdom of 'you get what you pay for' will still apply, so don't confuse a bargain with just plain cheap. Cheap toys may well have fewer features, underwhelm in their performance, and/or might be made of dubious materials unsuitable for intimate use. Without putting too fine a point on it, think of where your new purchase will be used and ask yourself if you'd prefer something medical grade.

Size isn't everything. Jokes aside, bear in mind that your enjoyment is not a function of product size. Your current or last partner isn't really a benchmark, so looking for something a little (or a lot) bigger or smaller isn't going to help you in your search for enjoyment. Bear in mind too that some of the new range of small toys are incredibly powerful and will surprise, no question.

Don't be scared to be a little imaginative, and be prepared for things which might look a little weird. The best toys for you might look familiar, or they might look very different, so don't be quick to write off products that might look a little unusual. Case in point, if you set your expectations on something resembling a penis you're more than likely selling yourself short. Many product classes may well have started based on biology, particularly modelled on a vagina or penis, but thereafter their development has not been restrained like human evolution.

So what should you look for? Without wanting to limit your search, perhaps it's better to list a few things to consider.

Power. Do you need a powered device? It might be obvious, but this question will immediately narrow your list of candidates. By way of generalisation, Dildos for example probably don't need power, where vibrators do, so this question will allow you to possibly focus your attention.

Batteries. If you need or want a powered device, do you want to be buying batteries? Battery powered toys have been around for many years, with good reason, but there are now many that are USB rechargeable, and there are still mains powered options. Which is better is a question of personal choice and each has its' merits. Rechargeable devices will save you from having to tithe your income buying batteries, but your playtime might be limited before you need to recharge. Batteries might cost you more in the longer term, but if your play time needs to be longer you only need to have to slip in fresh batteries. Mains powered toys will tether you to a powerpoint, but there'll be no stopping you unless there's a blackout.  [You might also like to read this: Adult Toy Power Options 101

To share or for one? Are you primarily looking something as a masturbation aid, or for intimacy with a friend? There are toys that will be great for solo use only, whereas others might be better for you and/or your partner, and some will be great both on your own or with company. That said, all toys might well have a part to play in livening up your sex life.

Anatomy? The reality is that many toys may be good for both guys and girls... to at least some extent. Of course, some toys will be unashamedly intended for only male or female use, male masturbators come to mind. However, toys designed for vaginal use may be great for anal use too, regardless of what may be listed on the packaging. Similarly, toys designed for prostate stimulation might be great fun for women as well.

Noise? Depending on your situation, how noisy (or quiet) a toy is can be a real consideration. Some toys, particularly cheap ones, can be unreasonably noisy which might impact how and where you can use it if you're concerned your flatmate or kids will wonder why there's a tractor or a dog-sized mosquito in your room.

Materials? There are a variety of materials available use in the manufacture of toys, and if you have sensitivities or allergies to any of them, such as latex or phthalates, you'll know it very quickly if you choose poorly so it pays to ask or check. Remember that sensitive of areas skin, such as your genitals, will be particularly sensitive for allergies.    [You might also like to read this: Adult Toy Materials 101

Environmental. Think of how and where you want to use your toy and choose accordingly. For example, not all toys are waterproof and this important if you're looking for a toy for use in the bath or shower.

Know your limits. If you're a novice with toys, it's most definitely a good idea to not bite off more than you can chew. Some toys might be suitable for all, but others might not be suitable for those feint of heart. In particular, toys designed for insertion can, and do, cause injury, so it's a good idea to not push it too hard... so to speak. If a toy is described as being for advanced users, it's perhaps not for those wanting to see what all the fuss is about.

Purpose. Are you wanting something to liven things up with a partner, or are you wanting to just amuse yourself? Are you wanting something to help to you limber up for action, to get you 'there', keep you 'there', or just get you there? Something to have you done and dusted in a minute so you can get back to work is probably not suitable if you're wanting something for use with your partner.

I hope this helps you get your head in order before you start looking for what you're missing.

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