It's that time of year.

Year 12 is stressful. It's the most important year of a secondary school student's education and they know it, and now is the action end of that final year.  No pressure or anything, but how well they can commit to their study and the associated exams will ultimately dictate what they (can?) do next.  Whether it's the VCE, HSC, QCE, SACE, WACE, TCE, NTCE or ACT Year 12 Certificate, it's a crazy busy time.

It's that time of year

For the families of the student, it can be stressful.  Supporting their child or sibling can be difficult, particularly as they are also navigating their way from moody teen to adult, perhaps turning 18 and so legally able to drink and also possibly getting their license about this time as well.  It amounts to a perfect storm.  Between offering love, support, guidance, and wise epithets like “it’s the best time of your life” there’s this omnipresent stress that threatens to derail the student and cloud the rest of the family.

It's worse for the student, though, no question.  Remember when you were in that situation as the student? Remember just how stressful it was? Remember how you relieved that stress?  In that sense, times haven't changed that much. 

Alcohol was a plausible option then, just as it is now.  Of course, drinking costs money (which students invariably have very little of) and as amazingly resilient teens are, hangovers eat into study time the next day.

Going out and being social, with or without alcohol, might have broken up the monotony of perpetual study and got you out of the house and away from nagging parents. If ever there was anything to make you feel like it really is/was the time of your life, enjoying the company of friends was going to be it, provided you could spare the time away from study when it seems like every minute of your every day was accounted for.

Boyfriends or girlfriends were just as liable to help as hinder, particularly when they were invariably in the same boat.  While their companionship might have been great, the demands of a relationship on top of their stresses and your own stress significantly increased the potential for discord and even more stress.

Self-love was the ideal stress reliever.  It didn't cost anything, it could easily be slotted into a busy schedule, didn't render you unable to study afterwards and, truth be known, it worked better than other options.  There was simply no downside. The household budget even seemed to easily absorb the increased tissue consumption.

In my day, my parents were reasonably progressive but not so much as to think of buying an appliance to help relieve my stresses.  That would have been awkward ... really, really awkward. They were realists so as to know what I must have been doing, a lot, but perhaps in those days something requiring a visit to a 'sex shop' might have been inconceivable to them, whether to buy something for themselves or, I guess, for me.   At that time I wouldn't have thought such a purchase, or probably even a visit to a 'sex shop' myself was necessary anyway... my hand worked just fine, thanks. 

Fast forward to now, year 12 carries the same stresses which are more than likely relievable in the same way, but it's different.  Nowadays everyone, particularly tech-savvy teens, are aware of the ready availability of 'tools for self-love'.  Not only have perceptions regarding 'toys' evolved (there's no such thing as the old raincoat wearing 'typical' adult product purchaser), but they can now be discretely purchased on-line, too.   Thanks to the internet, and more specifically probably porn, everyone more than likely knows that vibrators and masturbation aids for guys and girls can make a good thing better.

No-one's suggesting that stressed-out students need to get their hands on a product to make their solo time better.  Perhaps you can't see the merit in such a tool, which is more than likely paramount to an admission that you don't know how good such a tool could be for your own stress relief (or the relief of stress in someone you love).  You don't know what you're missing.

Of course, if you do know how your solo time can be enhanced with a masturbation aid, beit a vibrator or a sleeve or similar, you're probably amongst the enlightened many who are now thinking about how your stress relief could have been better if you knew then what you know now. How many fights with your parents or siblings and stress-driven sleepless nights could have been avoided if you could have better relieved your stress in the lead up to the end of year 12?

No-one's saying that parents who really love their stressed teen should buy an undeniably adult product on their behalf.  That would be just as awkward now as it was in your time.  Awkwardness aside, let's be realistic that a stressed young adult is liable to bite your head off or cringe at your insensitivity to make the offer, despite loving or best intentions.  At a later time they might recognise the inherent love in your understanding, but maybe not when they are already stressed off their head.  It's crazy your offer would be made as a solution to their stress but they mightn't see it that way.  It wouldn't be the first time that someone has rejected technology which might well serve them because they were too busy or stressed to appreciate the benefit.

Too busy to consider technology

That being said, we've recently received a number of questions and queries related to stress-relieving options for students.  Admittedly, it may well be parents are feeling the stress so much as to consider surreptitiously suggesting some options.  Regardless of who's asking the questions, parents or the students themselves, Top Drawer Essentials has things which might help students get some relief to help get them over the line.

And of course, to all the students, we wish you all the best.

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Yes, Top Drawer Essentials has a great range of products to help stressed students. We've got vibrators (battery, rechargeable and mains powered) for the girls and masturbators for the guys.  We've also got dildos, plugs, cockrings, balls and eggs, lubricants, condoms and dams and more.  We only stock quality products and of course we ship throughout Australia.  We've even got a referral program!

And of course, Top Drawer Essentials can offer suggestions if you like. After all, we are all about safe sex, solo sex, fun sex and better sex.

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