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I watched an old-ish Australian movie the other day, 'Dating The Enemy', in which a struggling couple magically wake in each other's bodies.  I know that premise is far from original and I can think of at least a few similar movies because it's a popular fantasy.  Of course, it got me thinking...

If I suddenly woke in my partner's body, I wondered what I'd do differently from the storyline of the many movies based on this very predicament.  Assuming a no-holds [holes] barred mindset, once the hours with a mirror enjoying my new biology passed, or I accepted the banality of being able to pee standing up, what would I do?  What would you do?

Dating the Enemy movie

How much time would you spend on discovering those elusive, alleged, erogenous zones?  If you couldn't find them in your ordinary skin, now might be a great opportunity to finally locate them.  How hard can it really be?

It might be refreshing to enjoy it from the other side, right?  How good is the anticipation? What does intercourse really feel like?  How good is the afterglow? How efficiently can you enjoy a little solo ('me') time?

That goes both ways of course; the less than excellent stuff which features in most peoples recollections of sex to at least some extent.  Does it really need to be over so fast (or take that long)? How painful are those little 'heat of the moment' misadventures which, on the receiving end at least, are not immediately forgotten?  How bad is the disappointment to the things to which you've typically been met with an 'it's all right' response?  Or perhaps you were the one who used to offer the 'it's all right' but experiencing it differently has you now knowing that you've been selling yourself short.  

How much are you going to learn of the things which really are a big deal to your partner and you never noticed, or under tended to?  How much are you going to learn of what your partner hasn't told you?  Perhaps he/she never mentioned something which you thought you'd try and were so impressed you suddenly marvel at how your partner could have kept it from you.

In someone else's skin, how much will you learn of your own shortcomings?  Sure, your partner is only as good as your guidance and instructions would have him/her be, but I wonder how much you'd learn of their potential to hit the spot if you were in their body.  Perhaps you'd suddenly appreciate that they could be better, or not.  Perhaps you'd learn that your sexual enjoyment could be so much better ... with or without your partner.

I'd like to think that I'd also grace myself into my partner's top drawer.  I'd be fascinated to play with their toys, confident in the fact that this isn't really sharing.  How good are they?  How much do they complement our couple play?  How good are they for solo fun ... and are they really best considered as an aid or an outright replacement for my partner? 

Reality is, I'm guessing you'd learn a lot about yourself by being in someone else's body.  Beyond the differences in personality which dominate the hijinx of the body swap movies, I think you'd come out of it all the more confident in your skin and considerably more assertive as to what you want and need from your sex life (with or without a partner).

Now to check my calendar for the perfect moonlight to sleep in, or magic fountain to pee in or find a gypsy to befriend.  The movies assure me that all will be well.

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