For Boys and Girls?

We had a question recently about the target ages for some of our products.  In particular, a few products created a bit of a stir because they apparently look to be for kids.  As to whether those vibrators, or any of the other toys we stock, are for girls and boys, the answer is no.  And yes.  No, they aren't for little children, but the reality is that they are potentially for pre-adult teens. 

For Girls and Boys?

Are they playfully decorated?  Yes.  They are vibrators.  They are for fun.  They are colourful, but arguably no more colourful than most of our vibrator range.  We at Top Drawer Essentials believe in masturbation and as such we certainly don't think vibrators should be staid and looking like something worthy of a shameful act.  We know you masturbate and you know you masturbate, so where's the problem?

While we mightn't expect vibrators to be worthy of display on a mantlepiece, we certainly don't think they should be boring looking either.  Fifty years ago, manufacturing limitations and conventional aesthetics meant that most vibrators were undeniably boring.  Back then they were probably dull, in white, cream or pseudo-skin toned, but if they can be bright and interesting, why not?  Now, production methods and materials mean that we can have vibrant colours and patterns, so why not? 

Boys and girls will be discovering their bodies and potentially (more than likely) masturbation too, well before they are legally adults, so why wouldn't they see the appeal of an aid for their self-love?  Remember, kids have been brought up to crave technology, so something that needs batteries (or is USB rechargeable) is all the more likely to appeal.

With that in mind, a vibrator that looks fun is just what they'd be looking for.  Their parents will be telling them not to grow up too fast, so a fun looking vibrator could really be seen as a happy medium.

So, the vibrators in question. Our 'Omoji' series of bullet vibrators.  Undeniably 'girly'?  Sure.  For 'girls'?  Sure, but for girls of all ages who are masturbating ... which won't include 'little' girls (kids).  They are cheap, effective and great for 'self discovery'.  Why not?

The reality is that those particular products are no more colourful or patterned than most of our other vibrators such as these other bullets.

Really, it's possibly unfortunate that 'equivalent' masturbation aids for the boys look so boring, still largely skin-toned or black coloured.  That said, biology being what it is makes it perhaps unlikely that boys would want to be thrusting themselves into something orange, green or similarly patterned... until they tried it of course and then perhaps it wouldn't matter.  Seasoned users of male masturbation aids (such as sleeves) should make their voices heard if they'd prefer to experience some interestingly decorated devices! 

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Of course, Top Drawer Essentials has a great range of toys and tools to suit everyone; women wanting to discover what all the fuss is all about, or men wanting to step it up a notch. We've got dildos, vibrators (battery, rechargeable and mains powered), masturbators for men, plugs, cockrings, balls and eggs, etc etc. We only stock quality products and of course we ship throughout Australia. While you're here, you can also stock up your top drawer with condoms, dams, lubricants and more. We've even got a referral program so you can help your friends find that essential for their top drawer.

And of course, Top Drawer Essentials can offer suggestions if you like. After all, we are all about safe sex, solo sex, fun sex and better sex.

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