Don't leave home without it.

I recently read a book, 'The Traveller' by Australian author, Garrett Addison, where the main character describes the tedium of his life as a business traveller as 'work, eat, sleep, repeat'.  Writing as someone who has travelled a lot with work, I can see the point in this summary ... but it's not 100% accurate, and everyone who travels will see the inaccuracy.  More correctly it's 'work, eat, ..., sleep, repeat'.

Dont leave home without it

Whether you are Fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) or a more traditional seasoned work traveller, once you get back to your hotel or donga after a day working and invariably an evening meal, you appreciate that there's a lot of time or opportunity until you wake to do it all again.  You might phone your partner or a friend, wish the kids goodnight, scan the available TV channels, particularly if they are in English, or read a book, and then decide to hit the hay ... but you can't sleep.  There's all this time up your sleeve that you just don't get at home, no kids or friends or partner to distract you, and your mind starts to wander.

Marie Curie or Albert Einstein in the same situation might be able to channel their genius into something to the benefit of all mankind, but most of us aren't like that.  Our ambitions in the immediate term might be limited to some sleep, but more often than not that kind of rest will elude us. Instead, we might go out to have a drink or several, possibly get some exercise to sweat us to sleep, but you're tired, frustrated, lonely ... if only there was something else to do.

Generalising, sure, but masturbation will feature pretty prominently in the list of possible activities for the isolated or fatigued traveller.  Not that there's anything wrong with masturbation, at all, but it's possibly something that those who don't travel probably don't really appreciate.  Away from home, the likelihood of solo sex is liable to be significant.  Not only is there no harm in it, but masturbation also offers a significant upside of relaxation and it might even help you get to sleep amid the stress of work and isolation.

And as you start to give yourself a little stimulation, you discover the problem.  Your room or donga is empty, free of distractions, perfect for a little 'you' time... except that it's boring.  Just as sex can get boring, so too can masturbation get a little boring, still worthwhile mind you, just boring.  It's a problem when you're alone and away from the comforts of home.  It can mean the difference between prolonged, frustrating and possibly fruitless masturbation and a worthy self-love session.

Your hand is good, but a toy would make it better, and those 'what to bring' or packing lists for travellers never mention that it's always a good idea to bring something for your solo time.  For guys, a 'jack sleeve' or masturbator, and for the ladies, a small travel vibrator (particularly a bullet vibrator) will pack easily in your bag, and you'll be appreciative for having thought ahead on those long lonely hours.

The funny thing is that the partner of the FIFO or business traveller who's left at home may well be feeling the same measure of sexual frustration or loneliness.  Those urges for them don't disappear while you're away, and you might like to spare a thought as to how those needs might be serviced in your absence.  It might well be time to think about giving them a 'hand' to complement their hand, too.

One last thing, don't underestimate the beauty of self-discovery that a little 'me' time provides.  Regardless of whether you're in a relationship or not, a period of isolation imposed masturbation might help you rediscover your inner fire or what you're really wanting for your sexual health and wellbeing on your return.

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