Don't forget Kevin!

Some friends recently had a spate of holidays. Poor pets, sure, but things weren't all peachy amid their travel both around Australia and overseas. They didn't get mugged, lose luggage, hijacked or get Bali belly... but they did forget their vibrator, the one nicknamed 'Kevin'.  It mightn't sound like that big a deal, an undeniably first world problem, but it did interfere with their holiday. Whether 'Kevin' was an expectation for partner play or solo time is largely irrelevant. The fact is that he wasn't where he was needed or wanted. The bastard.

We forgot Kevin

I have no idea if forgetting Kevin is a common problem, but perhaps forgetting him isn't the issue. Maybe some people are too scared of their bags bursting open to spread their contents over the luggage carousel to run the risk of their favourite little toy resulting in an embarrassing incident. Sure, it probably happens, but nowhere near as much as urban myths and traveller paranoia would think. It's perhaps way more likely that a baggage handler adds a vibrator to your boogie board cover... so not very likely at all. As someone who has travelled a lot in their time, I think it's way more likely that your luggage will spill in your home or the hotel room than the airport.


Or maybe there's the concern that Kevin is inclined to turn himself on somewhere after check-in or over the Pacific ocean, thereby drawing the attention of airport security, a bomb disposal or SWAT team. I'd suggest that's why vibrators have travel safe switches; that same feature which can make them tricky to enable in the heat of the moment in the dark, even if you're trying. Interestingly, it's statistically way more likely that your electronic toothbrush will attract attention if it was to turn on by itself because they don't have travel safe switches and because so many more cases will have a toothbrush than a vibrator. Note to self: adding a spare electronic toothbrush in with my vibrator in my suitcase isn't a bad idea if I was in any way interested in being stealthy.

You have to ask how much attention would a vibrating case attract anyway? The fact is, probably not much. I don't recall any episodes of 'Border Security' featuring a vibrator. No doubt the first time some border security agent comes across one there might be a modicum of interest, but that would pass pretty quickly. I'm guessing they might see (or hear) them sometimes and they probably attract the same interest as condoms or novelty boobs; so no interest at all. I'm inclined to think airport security are way more likely to be interested in how any such device they find stacks up against their own back home. 

Then there are those who will leave their Kevin all alone at home, simply because it didn't occur to them. The frequent travellers and FIFO amongst us know better, but perhaps others don't think about it. The fact is that the same reasons why you've got a toy at home will still apply when you're away, possibly even more so, so why on earth wouldn't you travel with Kevin?

Are you any less likely to want that same sexual satisfaction or gratification while you're away? Let's face it, the reasons why you like a toy are still going to be there. If you're away with your partner you don't want to mar that travel intimacy just because Kevin's not there. And if you're travelling on your own, are you any less likely to want your 'me-time' to be worth it? Whether you're jet-lagged, lonely, work stressed or simply blissed out on your lonesome on the beach, your solo time shouldn't be any less enjoyable just because you're away from home. If anything, travelling is when you need it more, not less. That's why travellers should, and do, pack a little something for themselves. Kevin might even be the kind of friend you only see when you're away from home, right where you need him.

It's probably a good idea to mention that your 'travel Kevin' needn't be the same as your 'home Kevin'. So while you mightn't want to take your favourite (or everything) from your top drawer, 'something' will be undeniably better than nothing. Yes, the 'Kevin' which spawned this thread is a vibrator, but the same goes for any such toy from your top drawer, whether it's to share or just for you. Gentlemen, your 'Loretta' or whatever you call your masturbator is just as deserving of those frequent flyer miles as the ladies' Kevin.

The beautiful thing about Kevin is that he doesn't need much room in your case.  While most vibrators will easily fit into your baggage allowance, particularly if Kevin is afforded priority status over yet another pair of shoes, some will slot in better than others. Bullet vibrators are the classic example in that they are capable enough to earn their place in your luggage and small enough to make the cut with ease ... because that's what they were designed for. Most male masturbators are very compressible and so will easily handle being squished in at the last minute.

Our suggestions?

  • For the ladies, we suggest a rechargeable bullet vibrator. They are very effective and easy to fit in your bag, any bag.  Being USB rechargeable, you won't need to contend with power outlets that won't work with Australian plugs, or need to translate battery sizes into the local lingo because you never bring enough batteries.
  • For the gents, we suggest a male masturbator.  Simple and very effective, they don't need batteries and will help while away the lonely hours in your hotel room or donger.

One final word. Kevin (or Loretta) doesn't mind being an afterthought in your travel packing, doesn't need a passport and doesn't need much space... he (she) just wants to be there for you while you're travelling. Talk about the perfect travel partner.

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And yes, Top Drawer Essentials can offer suggestions if you like. After all, we are all about safe sex, solo sex, fun sex and better sex.

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