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We don't get a lot of hate-mail, but we do sometimes get interesting suggestions from religious zealots of a variety of faiths.  It's OK ... we're not liable to be on the receiving end of a fatwa, but our pro-masturbation stance is not 100% popular with all religions.  Of course, some religions get it, but not all. Many religions are instead content to deride masturbation as evil or contrary to some ancient teachings.

I read some time ago that the environmental movement in America was struggling to get engagement across the largely Christian mid-west.  Try as they might, they just couldn't get the God-fearing population to participate (or believe) in anything with an environmental bent.  Apparently, it just seemed too liberal and so obviously affiliated with the devil to suggest looking after the planet.  That all changed when someone suggested re-badging environmental agendas as 'creation protection'.  It's inspired me to put a fresh slant on masturbation with an emphasis on appreciation and I hope that the church will follow suit.

The Creation of Adam

I'm not a believer in creation myself, but when I think about my genitals, I do see evidence of intelligent design by some greater power.  Multi-functional, convenient and simply through manipulation I'm liable to feel something good.  It's little wonder that so many religions associate sexual ecstasy with spiritual enlightenment.  By extension, feeling closer to God really is in my hands and I think everyone should bear this in mind the next time someone suggests putting their hands together in prayer.

The fact is that I think God wants you to masturbate.  That's what those bits are for, sex and the perpetuation of the species, sure, but also for the release, pleasure, stress relief and everything else that comes with a little self-love.  God is love, and you can't love others unless/until you love yourself, so it seems obvious that only through loving yourself can you really embody his/her vision of loving one another.  

I hope you marvel at the fact that you were born with a perfectly good means of relieving stress.  If God made man on the sixth day, I'll bet those first five days were pretty stressful to warrant taking time out on a little side project to find a solution, and what a solution it is!  Men and Women can all take time out from their busy lives to reacquaint themselves with themselves through what their God has given them.

I also think God would be pretty smiteful at contradictory attitudes to His/Her gift of masturbation.  How arrogant are some people and various religious factions to preach that masturbation is a bad thing?  Of course, that makes about as much sense as Trump. It's harmless, safe, feels good and is actually quite good for you, so what sane person would honestly try to convince you that it's a heinous, sinful act?  Masturbation is an immediate solution to the evils of lust and desire, so where is the sense in any perspective that His/Her solution is sinful? 

God well and truly understands that masturbation takes away the immediacy of the need to have sex, that pent up sexual frustration which tends to arise from puberty.  Yes, God is keen for the perpetuation of the species, but he doesn't want overpopulation. He also doesn't want mankind in a frenzy to procreate from the age of pubescence.  He'd much rather his people satisfy themselves so that they can focus on other pursuits, mature a little and perhaps find a single ideal mate for marriage. 

I think it's high time those religions who shun masturbation get a grip, excuse the pun, and take a fresh look at the veritable gift they've been given.  So I sincerely hope that when you masturbate, as both God and I know you do, that you take time out to give Him/Her thanks and appreciate the gift that it is. 

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