Alan is one of my heroes.

Alan MacMasters is widely accredited with the invention of the electric toaster in 1893, and he's one of my heroes.  Admittedly, I do like toast, but his invention represents so much more.

Alan is one of my heroes

Alan certainly didn't invent toast and I have no idea who did, but he recognised the potential for innovation and the exploitation of technology to address what probably wasn't even deemed a problem.  Toast had been known since forever, as was the way to make it, and not only did everyone know how to make it, but everyone actually could make it.

Still, Alan must have thought there has to be an easier way, or maybe he thought he could sit back and enjoy the anticipation of hot buttery toast if he didn't need to focus his time and attention to its preparation.  

You can probably see where I'm going with this. I like innovation, and I like how it's applied to everyday things, and adult toys are no exception.  If anything, adult toys are amongst the best examples of the application of innovation.

Yes, for thousands of years humans have applied innovation to the enhancement and improvement of their sex lives, and of course to killing each other.  Make no mistake, from humble origins whereby someone saw the sexual potential in a mammoth bone, as humankind evolved we applied to what we learned to recreational pursuits.  I'm guessing the first moulded shapes of latex/rubber were in the shape of an oversized penis and from there it seems very reasonable that the resultant dildo was more akin to the bedroom than the battlefield.

I'm not suggesting that James Watt was only thinking of sex when he invented (or improved) the steam engine, but everyone would have seen the application of the piston engine for sexual purposes.  Yes, it could possibly be used to turn a crankshaft, but there was definitely potential for the thrusting motion of the pistons.

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And with the rise of electricity came my hero Alan and his fellow innovators.  Yes, the toaster isn't very sexual, not in its shape and not in its application.   In fact, while Alan was working hard to invent the toaster, Dr J Mortimer Granville was working hard to address the cause of his repetitive strain injury which ultimately became what we know to be the vibrator.  They, along with many others, saw the potential for electricity and with it the potential for sexual ends that James Watt simply couldn't deliver with his monster-sized steam engine.  We got smarter and derivatives of Dr Granville's efforts proliferated, huge things got smaller and expensive items became increasingly affordable. And so it was that continued miniaturisation and improvement saw the vibrator become the bedside drawer must-have item that it is today.

So how is it that I see Alan MacMasters and not Dr Granville as being my hero?  Well, it turns out that a commoditised appliance like the toaster avails many opportunities, so much so that the toaster is attributed to possibly the first deadly appliance fire. All that time previously spent (wasted?) making toast could now be put to more interesting activities.  I like to think I know what those people were doing while their toast cooked.

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